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I began by watching the daily transits of the markets and seeing how the stock market reacted every day. My sense is that if you get attuned to the planets and they start talking to you and that is what happened. I learned a lot from the Western Financial Astrologers and went to early Financial Astrology conferences in Chicago in and later spoke at them. Morgan, the founder of the Morgan Bank, was fond of saying that millionaires do not use astrology, billionaires do.

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He had a private astrologer, Evangeline Adams, who helped him tremendously. I got to purchase rare books in Financial Astrology from the Evageline Adams library that was purchased by an early colleague of mine Norman Winski.

One of the local investment companies had a Vedic astrologer who would call the markets for them and in , I was hired to do research for them and was given a research budget and was able to collect a lot of rare books on Financial Astrology. I knew Muhurtha and in , I incorporated a Leo rising chart with Sun in Aries and Jupiter in the 1 st and Leo and when my Sun period hit in , my company took off. I have since used Muhurtha to support people in starting companies and using Vedic Astrology for marketing and supporting business growth.

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My company is still here 29 years later, www. Barry: I began Transcendental Meditation when I was 18 at the University of Illinois and became obsessed with enlightenment, the Bhagavad Gita and went on to become a meditation teacher and work for the university and was able to study the Vedas as part of a graduate program at Maharishi International University. It was a golden time of my life. I have been fascinated by Vedic literature since I was 19 and studied the Bhagavad Gita in detail. Eventually after , the politics of the TM movement turned down and while I taught at the university in and , I started to get disenchanted and was feeling the need for something of greater depth for my spiritual development.

I met my current Guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in in California and have been teaching his breath-work program through the Art of Living the last 26 years and have been to India times with him. Last year, he invited me to get initiated into the Gayatri mantra in India and learn the Sandyavadanam practice and now I do a fire homa ever morning after going deeply into a Shiva Rudram meditation.

As I have been studying the D chart, I am fascinated that my Guru knew exactly what I needed for my spiritual life without ever looking at my chart. While I was in India, I got to teach introductory Jyotish to students from 59 countries and got a directive from my Guru to develop an on-line Jyotish curriculum.

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Christina : Now, here is a question from Willie, one of my Jyotish students. Barry : I think you have to trade from your chart or at least know the pitfalls of your psychology. If you are running a Rahu period or sub-period, you have to watch for gambling tendencies if Rahu is poorly placed.

If you are running periods connected to the lords of the 8 and 12 th , then you are also going to have to careful or if you have a lot of major 8 th and 12 th house transits going on. The challenge is that even when you know the pitfalls of your chart, you may be swayed by impulsive tendencies and make mistakes. It takes a lot of spiritual practice, tithing and discipline to overcome bad investment karma in your chart.

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Christina You are currently presenting a series of very well received, live webinars on Financial Astrology. Could you tell us a little about these and how people can get involved? Barry: I turned 60 this year and my Saturn return is pushing me to recreate my life. My Guru told me to retire from Financial Astrology in a few years and in preparation for more spiritual teaching and Jyotish teaching. To pass the baton, I founded the London Institute for Global Economic Forecasting last year to support fund managers and do long-term forecasting and started training a group of people to do Financial Astrology and become a father figure to the Institute.

In the years that followed, the former First Couple downplayed Quigley's role.

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Nancy Reagan wrote in her memoir that she was in touch with Quigley but the president was more reticent. The president became aware of the consultations, she said, and warned his wife to be careful because it might look odd if it came out. Close: Quigley said she and Nancy Reagan left would speak on the phone up to three times a day. She was outed in pictured right by a former chief of staff and became a worldwide sensation.

And she was a beautiful woman as well. She was an art history major in college, and remained extremely knowledgeable about art. She led a remarkable life. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: President Reagan's astrologer who advised him on everything from the Soviet Union to flight schedules dies at 87 e-mail. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Hollyoaks star, 37, and husband David O'Mahony are expecting first child And today Elton lifts the lid on the love-hate relationship that lasted a lifetime Riverdale says goodbye to Luke Perry's character in season four trailer Today's headlines Most Read 'It's how we show affection!

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